Dolly Couture "Tuscany" Gown - OFF THE RACK (SIZE 8 - 36" bust, 30" waist)

Dolly Couture "Tuscany" Gown - OFF THE RACK

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Dress: Tuscany w/sweetheart tuck

Size: 8 (36" bust, 30" waist)

Color: WHITE taffeta/WHITE tulle/WHITE lace applique

Back of dress: Standard - lace up with privacy panel

Skirt Length: Custom - 26" natural waist to hem

Petticoat Color: WHITE

Sale Price: $395.00

Without fittings we can not guarantee you will not need a few alterations. We suggest searching for a tailor that is local to you and who has reputable on-line reviews. Yelp.com is a wonderful resource. We suggest EVERY bride make an appointment with a tailor in the two weeks prior to her wedding, even when your gown is a perfect fit on arrival. This exciting time can cause weight fluctuation among some brides. Dolly and her team take pride in packaging and preparing gowns for shipping, however, some wrinkling may occur in transit. Pressing or steaming wrinkles (along with alterations) are the responsibility of the bride. Thank you so much for your order!

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Availability Inventory, off the rack, ships in 3-5 days