Frequently Asked Questions


Dolly Couture FAQ


How can I order a custom gown?

For custom gowns, simply contact us to discuss your one-of-a-kind Dolly Couture.  When all the details are finalized your vision will appear in our custom closet where you can purchase securely using Paypal.  

How much fullness comes standard with a Dolly Couture gown?

Dolly's gowns come standard with 18 yards of tulle sewn into the dress.  August, our blonde Dolly Couture model is always pictured with standard petticoats.  Our petticoats may be fluffed or smoothed down to create the look you desire.  Additional fullness, as shown below, can be included for a nominal fee.
Can I customize the length of my gown?



Do you have any more photographs of real brides or custom Dolly Couture gowns?

Yes!  On Facebook. Become a friend of "Dolly Thicke" to see albums full of happy Dolly Couture brides, a story in pictures of how Dolly Couture was founded, and a gallery of custom work.



Does Dolly Couture do one of a kind creations?


Do you ship to Zambezio?

Dolly Couture ships anywhere in the world!  Simply provide your accurate measurements and your gown could just be a perfect fit! 

I live outside the United States, will I need to pay any customs fees?

Yes, you should expect to pay import fees. These fees vary by region. Your local post office may be able to give you information about how much to expect to pay.  Countries vary on this quite a bit, so we encourage you to investigate if you are concerned. Since handling fees have been calculated into the price of your gown, you may find these import costs to be slightly less expensive than you anticipate.

I tracked my dress through the USPS website and it hasn't arrived.  What should I do?

Please check with your local post office. They are probably holding it for you!

What sizes do you offer and How can I know my gown will fit?

Please measure the fullest part of your bust and smallest part of your waist and refer to the size chart below...

Size 2     30" bust  24" waist
Size 4     32" bust  26" waist
Size 6     34" bust  28" waist
Size 8     36" bust  30" waist
Size 10   38" bust  32" waist
Size 12   40" bust  34" waist
Size 14   42" bust  36" waist
Size 16   44" bust  38" waist
Size 18   46" bust  40" waist

Custom sizes are also available
Without fittings we can not guarantee you will not need a few alterations.   We suggest searching for a tailor with reputable on-line reviews. is a wonderful resource. We suggest EVERY bride make an appointment with a tailor in the two weeks prior to her wedding, even when your gown is a perfect fit on arrival.  This exciting time can cause weight fluctuation among some brides. 

Do I need to take my measurements?

Sizes vary among designers.  Our size 4 may be another designer's size 2 or another's size 6.  Measurements are the key to fewer alterations.  We need to have your exact measurements to determine the proper size. It is important that you have your measurements taken, or you may do them yourself! You will need a tape measure.  If you don't have one, you might want to pick one up.  (You may soon wonder how you got by without one!) Measure around the FULLEST part of your bust, and the SMALLEST part of your waist.  You may find your waistline is a little higher than you expect; measure just below where you can feel your ribs.  

If customizing a dress, please do NOT attempt a neck-to-waist or waist-to-length measurment on your own.  Please have a knowledgeable friend or professional take these for you. Do NOT submit what you think might be your future measurements.  When in doubt, round up!  It is always better to take a dress in than to try and let it out.


Do Dolly's sizes run large or small?

Dolly's gowns run true-to-size.  That said, the gowns are fitted to accentuate your figure. Without doing fittings we can not guarantee a perfect fit.  If there is any doubt, it is always safer to go up a size rather than down.


I am very short/tall...should I order a custom gown?

If you are under 5'2 or over 5'8, you may want to contact us about a custom skirt length to be sure you achieve our signature look.


I'm apprehensive about ordering a gown I have not tried on.  Do you have a return policy?

Unlike most bridal lines, Dolly Couture DOES take returns on non-custom orders.  If your dress does not suit you and it was ordered in a standard Dolly Couture size, you may return it at your expense.  You will be reimbursed 75% through Paypal.  There is a 25% restocking fee that covers commissions paid to our staff along with fees to stock and relist.  As we grow, we hope to implement a less stringent return policy, but in the meantime, we are doing all we can to ensure happy, confident brides.  Dolly Couture gets very few returns.  The 1950's style cut flatters most women.

If you wish to change your dress after you have received it, Dolly will send you any materials you may need for alteration, usually at no charge.  In the unlikely event your custom gown is  faulty in any way, Dolly will  reimburse you any fees charged by your local tailor. 


How much will a custom Dolly Couture gown cost?

Prices for custom gowns usually start at $595 .We strive to keep the price of our gowns below $1000. Most Dolly Couture gowns are MASTERFULLY crafted in Vietnam using gorgeous textiles combined with impeccable workmanship.  Look for the Dolly Couture name and beware of cheap imitations.
How long will it take for my Dolly Couture gown to be custom built?

As most wedding professionals recommend, 6 months prior to your wedding date is IDEAL for ordering your gown.  We agree, though Dolly Couture gowns typically ship in just eight to twelve weeks. You can expedite your order for an additional cost.  Contact us for A+ service.  Many brides are lucky to find we have the perfect dress in stock.  Six months is best, but we know that is not a possibility for every bride.  Let us know your event date, and we'll do all we can to have you ready on your big day!

What if I have more questions? 

Dolly's brides love the personalized and quick responses they get by e-mailing Dolly and her representatives.  Dolly Couture can send you drawings, scans of swatches, and photos of gowns Dolly has created in the past that are similar to your vision!  Don't miss the fun of crafting your gown with Dolly Couture from the comfort of your own computer!  

Can I speak to a real person?

Sure!  contact a representative at 877 4 DOLLY T for wonderful service

Sorry, Dolly Couture will not accept any overseas payment by cashier check, and will never accept overpayment, or any amount of remittance beyond that which is due.  Queries of this nature will be reported to the FBI. Any legal action concerning Dolly Couture, must be handled in the county of Los Angeles, CA