Dawn S.'s Custom Dolly Couture "Georgetown/Summerville/Manhattan" with Light Pink Polka Dots Gown

Dawn.'s Custom Dolly Couture "Georgetown/Summerville/Manhattan" with Light Pink Polka Dots Gown

This dress is being made especially for Dawn. We prefer you not purchase if you are not Dawn, but do contact us for your own custom gown that will appear right here in our custom closet when you are all set to order.

More Details

Thank you for choosing Dolly Couture, Dawn! This form should outline all details of your gown order. It is very important to us that the dress you order is the dress we ship you. For this reason, we make it the responsibility of the buyer to confirm all details before purchase. Please consider this description a contract outlining all of the details of your gown. Descriptions of your dress and any customizations noted here represent the final order details and supersede any previous correspondence between yourself and representatives of Dolly Couture. If any information is incorrect, please contact us prior to your purchase so that the adjustment can be made.

Dress: Georgetown/Summerville/Manhattan with Polka Dot Overlay 695.00

  1. Custom: Georgetown Bodice and Sleeves (Light Pink Satin with Light Pink Verona Overlay) 
  2. Custom: Summerville Skirt (Light Pink Satin with Light Pink Verona Overlay) 
  3. Custom: Add Verona Light Pink Polka Dot Overlay to Bodice and Skirt $85.00 (per Nickie)***
  4. Custom: Sewn-in Black Petticoat, Raw edge, Peeking 2" at hem $50.00 (50% off) 
  5. Custom: Custom Skirt Length (no charge) 
  6. Custom: Add lining to skirt (so the black tulle doesn't peek through the satin) 
  7. Custom: Light Pink Tulle 'Little Bow' Veil (NO BOW) $150.00
  8. Custom: Extra Yard of Light Pink Verona Dots (Bride will be making her own head piece from it) $50.00

Size: 18

Color: Light Pink Satin Bodice, Skirt, Sleeves [NEWPORT PINK SATIN], Light Pink Buttons [NEWPORT PINK SATIN], Light Pink Verona Polka Dot Overlay [IRMA WILL DYE], Black Tulle Petticoat [NET (941) BLACK], Light Pink Tulle Veil 

Additional Measurements

(D) - Length of Satin Skirt - 24"  from waist to hem / Petticoat Length - 26" from waist to hem (2" peeking at hem) 

(Q) - Sleeve length - 7.5" (from top of sleeve to bottom of sleeve) 

Back of Dress: Standard Manhattan Style - 2 Row of Decorative Buttons over Zipper (Light Pink) (no charge)

Skirt Length: Custom: Satin Skirt and Verona Light PInk Overlay - 24" natural waist to hem, Tulle petticoat - 26" from waist to hem (2" peeking at hem with raw edge)

Petticoat: Custom: Sewn-in Black Tulle, Raw edge, Peeking 2" at hem

Sash/Belt/Waistband: NA (Bride already has this -- shown in sketch) 

Additional Items:  

1. Light Pink Tulle 'Little Bow' Veil (NO BOW)  

2. Extra Yard of Light Pink Verona Dots (Bride will be making her own head piece from it) 


Total Price: $1,030.00

Without fittings we cannot guarantee you will not need a few alterations. We suggest searching for a tailor that is local to you and who has reputable on-line reviews. Yelp.com is a wonderful resource. We suggest EVERY bride make an appointment with a tailor in the two weeks prior to her wedding, even when your gown is a perfect fit on arrival. This exciting time can cause weight fluctuation among some brides. Dolly and her team take pride in packaging and preparing gowns for shipping, however, some wrinkling may occur in transit. Pressing or steaming wrinkles (along with alterations) are the responsibility of the bride. Thank you so much for your order!



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Availability Custom made to order, arrives in 8-12 weeks