Austin Showroom is Here!

Friday, April 3, 2015 5:48:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

Today isn't just Fabulous Friday, it's also Good Friday! And what a better way to celebrate this doubly awesome day than to let you all know about something we are so excited about!!!






We are so excited to announce we are now available in Austin! We have an amazing rep named Amy who just got married last month in one of our fabulous frocks.  Amy is just amazing, has the best personality and goes above and beyond for our brides.  She can't wait to have you all lining up at her front door to try on our selection.





I absolutely love working with Amy, and I know you all are going to feel the same way. Email me, and we'll get you set up with an appointment.


We can't wait to start serving Austin!!


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Fabulous Friday - Claire & PIer

Friday, March 13, 2015 2:12:41 PM America/Los_Angeles

My name is Claire, and my groom is Pier. We were married November 1, 2014 at The Gardens At Peacock Farms in Arroyo Grande, CA.

Our wedding was in the early afternoon, so rather than having a formal, sit-down dinner reception, we planned an afternoon tea. We had yard games set up in some areas, and there were tea tables set with finger sandwiches and scones and other goodies. Our venue was a tea garden with walnut trees and a fountain and broad floral hedgerows, and surrounded by a working vineyard, so it was perfectly suited for our event. 
My dress was the Walnut Creek in ivory, customized to include the same lacy tulle from the bodice as the top layer on the skirt.
There were so many funny and tearful and beautiful moments during the day, I have a hard time putting one above another. Still, there are a few things that stand out in my memory. At the end of the ceremony, Pier made two tries at stomping on the glass before the third one successfully hit its mark. Then, when we came into the reception after photos, my sisters expertly serenaded us with the "Queen-To-Be" song from the movie Coming To America, and later my older sister's toast inspired some intense emotional confusion by bringing everyone to tears, then putting us all in stitches. Maybe the best moment was just the most cliché. I elected to walk myself to the chuppa rather than be given away, which was the right choice for me, but I had a little knot in my stomach from trying really hard to hold back tears. When I came up the aisle, seeing Pier there wiping away his own tears made me feel so at ease, I stopped trying so hard not to cry. The two of us just cried and giggled our way through the ceremony. Also, I just felt so beautiful! My hair was big, my makeup was flawless, and my dress and accessories were all so perfect - my shoes were John Fluevog, and my earrings and tiara were handmade by my sister.
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Fabulous Friday - Sarah & Dennis

Friday, February 20, 2015 5:41:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

It's the middle of winter and pretty much the entire US is getting hit hard with a terrible cold snap. I thought seeing a gorgeous bride on the BEACH might warm you up a bit! Check out Sarah and her amazing short wedding dress - The Tuscany!


Couple's Name: Sarah and Dennis

Wedding Date & Location: Scarborough/Old Orchard Beach Maine

Theme: Beach





Dress: "I bought the Tuscany off the rack, and it had the following customizations already: sweetheart neckline and the hem was 1/2 inch shorter that the "made to order" version. I had to have the waist brought up about 1/4 inch (as i have a ridiculously high waist). The dress was a size 8 and really fit like a dream!"

Favorite moment(s) from the wedding: "The moment that I think was most unique to our wedding (and one of my favorites!)...We got married on the beach in Maine and were surrounded by beach goers (as they can't clear off an area - you just put down chairs and hope for the best). As the photographer was taking pictures of Dennis and I, the wedding party went to the snack shack to get water. A little boy (about 6), walked up to my brother and said "Are you the groom?". His mother was apologetic saying "He is fascinated by the bride, so sorry to bother you. He just wants to say congratulations". My brother promised to pass the well wishes along to me. As Dennis and I were leaving the beach, this little boy ran up to me, starry eyed and out of breath, and said, "Congratulations-thank-you-so-much" as if it were one word. I felt like a Disney princess! Every girl says they will feel like a princess on their wedding day but that moment really made it happen for me





Why did you choose Dolly Couture: "I chose Dolly Couture because, although I had no idea about anything else I wanted for my wedding, I knew I wanted a tea length dress. I looked at every bridal shop in my area and even bought a long dress at a sample sale that I was going to have tailored because I couldn't find anything I loved. THEN- I discovered your website. It had the most amazing selection of tea length dresses I had ever seen. THEN - I saw the Tuscany. I was absolutely obsessed with it. I looked at it every day but was very nervous about buying it sight unseen from the website. One day I went on and there was the Tuscany, in white, in my exact size, off the rack. So, I bought it!! It really was perfect. I have since recommended your site to a few people who are looking for a shorter dress. And I wish I could wear my dress every single day. It is my favorite piece of clothing I have ever owned- like you took what i wanted out of my head and created it!"

Advice for future Dolly Couture brides:
My advice to anyone considering a Dolly dress is to just do it. The quality was FAR better than anything I had tried on in, say, David's Bridal and, even without customization, was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I wish that I had just ordered it the first time I saw in, instead of spending time looking elsewhere (and buying a dress I never wore). I never had any issues, so I can't speak to your customer service but the dress itself is incredibly well made with top quality materials (as a dance teacher, I was less than impressed with the fabric used for a lot of the dresses - yours was the complete opposite. So impressed). I wish I had a reason to wear it again and have honestly though about dying it so I could wear my dress out. It's that fantastic!"



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Sensational Saturday - Liz & Guy

Saturday, February 14, 2015 5:45:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

Today's couple is perfect for Valentine's Day! Liz was a dream to work with, and we found her the perfect fabric for her Catalina. HEARTS! Her dress was all about love!

Couple's Name - Liz & Guy

Wedding Date & Location - Saturday 19th July, 2014 at The Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington, Lancashire, England, UK.  Our Wedding Reception took place at The Peel Park Hotel, Accrington, Lancashire, England, UK.

Theme/Color/Style (if applicable) - 1950’s inspired wedding; the Bride & Bridesmaids wore 1950’s full circle swing dresses with peeping contrasting petticoats. The colour scheme was Red & White and I included a love heart theme: my dress had love hearts on the overlay, I had my white shoes customised with red diamante love hearts, myself and my Bridesmaids wore love heart earrings and the Wedding Favours were cupcakes with a love heart in the centre of the cake secured in a red box with love heart ribbon.

Dress - Catalina Island in white with a custom overlay using a white organza material with sparkly love heart shapes.  I added a red petticoat to peep out at the bottom of the dress.

Favorite moment(s) from the wedding - We booked a Marilyn Monroe tribute (Suzie Sequin) to perform a set at our afternoon reception which we kept as a surprise from our guests.  Our Master of Ceremonies gathered everyone outside, where the sun had finally started to shine, and he asked our guests to give a huge warm welcome to Miss Marilyn Monroe - our guests fell silent and weren’t sure what he meant, then Marilyn walked out and everyone burst into applause!  It had been a huge secret to keep (especially from the Bridesmaids!!), but well worth the look on everyone’s face!  There was even more surprise for everyone that evening when she performed a Burlesque Dance at our Evening Reception!

Advice for future Dolly Couture brides - On the day make sure that you have delegated the running of the day to one trusted person.  We had lots of surprises for our guests; Marilyn Monroe, the Jukebox, the Burlesque Dance, the cake design and as much as we wanted to keep all these things between just the two of us we realised that on the day we didn’t want to be worrying about what should or should not be happening next.  We entrusted a very good friend with the job as Master of Ceremonies and he was told the full itinerary of the day and he made sure that everything ran to plan and in the order that we wanted so that we didn’t have a thing to worry about on the day.  Don’t try to do anything on the day other than enjoy it, give someone else the job of worrying!

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Fabulous Friday - Amanda & Billy

Friday, February 6, 2015 4:26:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

Happy Fabulous Friday y'all! I have been waiting to show off Amanda's story and her dress for awhile now. We were so excited when we found out she wanted a blue Beverlywood! We just love how beautiful it turned out, but not as beautiful as Amanda. She's a gem both inside and out.

Couple's Name - Billy and Amanda

Wedding Date & Location - Friday, November 21, 2014;  Historic Houston Heights Fire Station, Houston, Texas

Theme/Color/Style - Our theme was "Southern Vintage";  Colors were primarily navy and fuchsia, but flowers and bridal party dresses featured lots of gorgeous jewel tones. 

Dress - The Beverlywood, custom-made in light blue taffeta

Favorite Moments from the Wedding - There were so many moments that I hold especially dear, but none more than when my groom saw me for the first time, walking down the aisle toward him.  We didn't do a first look, and I am so glad we didn't.  It was absolutely magical when the doors opened, and we locked eyes from opposite ends of the room.  I've never felt more loved than right then, seeing him in such anticipation and awe.  Another favorite moment would have to be dancing at the reception - my dress was so fun to twirl in!


Advice for future Dolly Couture brides - Decide on one element you must have for your dress and keep looking until you find it.  When I first started dress shopping, I had an unclear idea of what I wanted to look like as a bride.  The one thing I was sure about was that I wanted to marry in light blue.  (Backstory:  my mama married my daddy in a light blue pencil skirt suit in 1959.  "Marry in blue, wish your love true", she always said.).  And even though I wasn't interested in long white dresses, I tried on several to appease my sisters.  While I agreed they were perfectly pretty dresses, they just "weren't me".  As the search continued, most bridal shops would steer me to the bridesmaids dress section when I insisted on a blue dress.  I bought - and quickly returned - about a half dozen dresses.  These bridesmaids dresses just weren't special enough.  And then, I happened upon an ad for Dolly Couture in one of many wedding magazines I was reading.  The dresses really spoke to me (actually, it was more like singing).  They were beautiful, timeless, and classy - like Elvis singing "Love Me Tender".  But, do they come in light blue?  Sure they do!  From this point forward, the team at Dolly Couture made the process so painlessly simple for me.  I made one visit to an in-home boutique (Molly in San Antonio is terrific!) to make sure of my design choice, get measured, and see the assortment of light blue fabric samples, and soon after, my wedding dress was ordered.  It arrived quicker than expected, and while it did need some tailoring, the fittings and alterations were simple and inexpensive to fit the dress perfectly.  In the end, I have never felt more beautiful.  And, I received the sweetest compliment:  "I was wondering what kind of dress you'd pick, and when you came down the aisle, I said 'That's it.  That looks just like Amanda.'"  

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Pockets! Pockets! Pockets!

Friday, January 16, 2015 3:20:38 PM America/Los_Angeles

Here at Dolly Couture we take pride in our ability to customize any of our dresses. Do you want the sleeves of the Rose Park on the Newport Beach? Do you want the Verona dots peeking on the hem of the Beverlywood instead of lace? Do you want the Moon River tulle skirt on the Manhattan? Of course we can do that! It's a great way to make your gown even more special!


One of our most popular customizations is the addition of pockets. Yes you hear me correctly! We can add pockets to any of our darling dresses!


Take a look at a few photos our bride Lauren submitted.


Email for inquires on pockets or any other customization you want.


Happy Friday!




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Fabulous Friday - Katie & Marco

Friday, January 9, 2015 4:52:27 PM America/Los_Angeles

Today's Fabulous Friday bride is Katie and her sweet groom Marco. They are just absolutely adorable if you ask me! Katie is wearing one of my absolute favorite gowns - The Port William. I love everything about this wedding - the vintage car, the beautiful setting, the delicate colors....everything.

Congratulations Katie & Marco! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Couple's Name: Katie & Marco





Wedding Date & Location: June 14th, 2014 at the Lough Erne Hotel in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland





Color/Style: Our colors were Wisteria and Cream and the day had little touches of vintage style here and there.





Dress: I was so happy to discover Dolly Couture after many nights of trawling the internet for a tea length dress. When I arrived at the showroom in LA, I was blown away by how beautiful all of the dresses were - I wanted to try them all! Abby, Yasmine and Kassandra all helped to pick out the perfect dress for me - the Port William. It was so light and comfortable to wear and everybody thought it suited me really well. Even though I was overwhelmed with all the choices, I was really happy with my end decision.





Favorite moment from the wedding: Seeing everyone in the church as I walked down the aisle was a really special moment. It's so nice to see all the people that matter most in life coming together to celebrate with you.





Advice for future Dolly Couture brides: Don't stress! The wedding industry makes you feel like you should be in a giant panic about everything all the time! I just tried to keep things simple and not fuss too much about anything. Everything turned out wonderfully in the end and I couldn't have been happier with how it all worked out.

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Fabulous Friday - Janine & Darrell

Friday, January 2, 2015 2:44:14 PM America/Los_Angeles

Happy New Year! I am very excited to show Janine & Darrell's holiday-esque wedding.  I loved the greenery, the "Polar Express", the gingergread wedding cake and just the overall feel of their special day. Janine was a gem to work with. She sent me photos of a keyhole back, and we were able to create that look for her.
Couple's name: Janine and Darrell
Wedding date and Location: 12/13/14 Knoxville, TN -- Wedding at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Reception on the Three Rivers Rambler train
Theme/Color/Style: Gingerbread
Dress: custom dress with Melrose top, Tyler belt, tulle bottom, and keyhole back. Ivory with champagne threading. 
Favorite moment(s): During Darrell's vows, he pulled out a piece of yarn I had given him five years ago when we started dating in high school. I'd given a string of yarn to each of my closest friends as a friendship bracelet of sorts. He said that he'd kept the string as a symbol of the bond we shared, but that today he'd get to solidify his bond through marriage with me. I was in absolute tears during his vows; they were so sweet. Another great moment was just getting to sit with all of my friends on the open-air car of the train, enjoying the relaxed environment. We all had a lot of fun during the wedding and reception. 
Advice for future Dolly Couture brides: Don't be afraid to play around with different dress designs! I pulled the pieces of designs from several different dresses to create exactly what I wanted for myself and it turned out great.
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Fabulous Friday - Becca & Waseem

Friday, December 5, 2014 2:21:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

Today's Fabulous Friday bride is Becca! Her dress came out beautiful just like her spirit. I loved reading and writing about Becca's wedding. I love she incorporated both her and Waseem's cultures into the wedding and reception. I can tell it was very special and meaningful. And let's not forget the gorilla in the room! I want to know more about that family tradition!Thank you for sharing Becca!!

Couple's Name: Becca & Waseem





Wedding Date & Location: October 12, 2014 in Washington, DC





Theme/Color/Style (if applicable): I'm Jewish and my husband is a Palestinian Muslim so we tried to incorporate all of our cultural traditions into one wedding. The tables were all named after cities in Israel and Palestine and we had traditional Jewish and Palestinian dancing at the wedding. 







Dress: Custom Avila Bay in pearl silk taffeta with ballgown skirt, functional buttons, avila bay lace sleeves, and avila bay hem.







Favorite moment(s) from the wedding: I have too many favorite moments! We've actually already been married for 2.5 years so we didn't have an officiant, and we didn't even do the traditional parts like "do you take this man to be your husband."  We designed the service ourselves and had each of our bridesmaids and groomsmen and family members speak throughout the service. We had some Jewish prayers and an Arabic poem and we even sang a song with everyone in Hebrew. It was a really meaningful service because we picked everything ourselves, and it was all designed to reflect our cultural backgrounds and family traditions. Also, we gave wine bottles for everyone to drink during the service, which was a huge hit and put everyone in the mood for the rest of the wedding! Also my uncle dressed up as a gorilla and crashed the wedding (it's a family tradition)! 







Advice for future Dolly Couture brides: Accessorize! I had custom shoes, a custom belt, and a custom headpiece (made from the lace from my mom's wedding gown) made to go with my dress. With most gowns (which are long) you don't get to see the shoes. If you're wearing a Dolly Couture gown, you get to have shoes that everyone can see, so go wild! I even changed into sequin Keds halfway through my wedding and got compliments on those too!





Photography by: Jeff Simpson and Tara Parekh

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Fabulous Friday - Lisa & Mariusz

Friday, November 21, 2014 5:38:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

Today's Fabulous Friday bride is Lisa. I love the personal touches she added. Her bouquet brings back so many happy memories as my grandmother has several of those broches and let me play with them when I visited. I also love that Lisa is one of our many international brides. She took a leap of faith and ordered without even trying on her dress. We love that our brides are comfortable ordering a dress sight unseen. Thank you Lisa!

Enjoy Lisa and Mariusz's story! I know I did!

Couple: Lisa & Mariusz

Date: June 28, 2014

Wedding Venue:
"The venue we chose is Tinakilly Country House, Co. Wicklow, an elegant Victorian country mansion set on several acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and woodlands overlooking the Irish Sea. The house itself was originally built by the British government in 1883 for Captain Robert Halpin, commander of "The Great Eastern" and mariner supreme who laid 2,600 miles of telegraphic cable in 1866, joining Europe to America. As a mark of gratitude Halpin was reportedly given a blank cheque by the British Government to build, this, his dream house."

Post wedding Location:
"Donadea Forest Park which is made up of about 600 acres of mixed woodland, Medieval castle ruins, walled gardens, church, tower, ice house, boat house and Lime Tree Avenue."

"A vintage inspired country soiree? We didn’t have a particular theme in mind but our choices naturally reflect who we are and the sort of things we like."

Short Wedding Dress:
"I wore the Beverlywood Dress with a handmade vintage inspired Gold Brass Blush Champagne wedding belt by LeFlowers Bridal Lithuania, a simple elbow length veil encrusted with tiny pearls from Berketex Bride Dublin, vintage robins egg blue short formal lace wedding gloves and Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Lady Dragon Heart jelly sandals."

"I made my own jewellery and I had a huge collection of vintage bone china brooches - Denton, Adderley, Artone or Royal Doulton - all around 1940's, 1950's that I used create my own brooch bouquet. I have no siblings so this bouquet belongs with my new sister-in-law now."

Favorite moment(s) from the wedding:
"It's hard to choose because the day is so filled with great moments. We have different nationalities and our friends and families are a little bit spread out across the globe so it’s hard to get all of us together at the same place and at the same time. Walking into the ceremony room and seeing everyone there for us was a great moment."

Advice for future Dolly Couture brides:
"I knew I wanted a short wedding dress from the start, but I didn't know finding the right one would be so hard. Every dress I tried in Ireland was missing some element, and they just didn’t 'feel' special in the way a wedding gown should. I found out about the Dolly Couture brand through internet research and then I eventually found a boutique in London that carried D.C. sample dresses. Up until this point I had only seen D.C dresses online so I wondered whether they would look anything like the photos - the truth is photos can't do these dresses justice. They are so well made, the quality and richness of the fabric, the petticoats underneath, the way the fabric falls and the designs are just so sophisticated. For brides considering ordering online or wondering if it’s worth a bit of hassle to track down a D.C gown – just do it! You won’t regret it."

Photos: "Our photos were taken by our good friend Pawel Pentlinowski of photobypawelp. Ordinarily I would be reluctant to mix friendship with business but we trusted him completely and we knew he'd capture our day beautifully. Our photos are even better than we expected."

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