Mid-Century Dress

Many of our brides come to us having looked for an authentic wedding dress from the 50's.  We are so happy when these weary adventures find Dolly Couture. 

Sadly, searching for a wedding dress from the 50's is increasingly difficult.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the preservation techniques we do now back in the 50s.  Many gowns are torn apart and irreparably yellowed in patches that can be pretty unbecoming.  Besides lack of well-preserved gowns, when you do find one, brides run into another issue.  We don't know why...we really don't, but it seems the gowns of the 50's were created for the tiniest waists paired with ample bust.  I imagine their brand of Spanks were slightly more stringent back then.  ha ha.

Even today bridal lines typically create their gowns for a woman with an 8" difference between bust and waist.  In the 50's they used a 10" or even a 12" difference.  We've found at Dolly Couture that most women who walk through the door tend to have a 6" difference between bust and waist be they a size 6 or a size 26.  Since so many of our brides order on-line we really want to ensure the best possible chance of a perfect fit right out of the box.  A goal we reach often by designing our gowns for modern women.

50s and 60s Wedding Dress

Several gowns in our collection give a nod to present day, while others leave wedding guests asking, however did you find such a perfectly preserved gown from the Mid-Century.  Dolly Couture has selected fabrics that whisper to the 50's in a tasteful and gorgeous way. 

To antique your look to perfection try ordering an ivory overlay over our champagne colored satin fabric.

If you moving towards a retro inspired wedding, the 50's and early 60's are a time that have yet to ever fall out of fashion.  A time of classics!  I've never known an older person to look back at photographs from the 50s and cringe at their choice in fashions. Perhaps not so for other less classic eras than that of the Mid-Century. 

We hope your experience with the Dolly Couture line brings you your dream of a fantastic and tasteful 50's inspired wedding dress to life.